Amana Living values the integral role our staff play in the delivery of care and support to older West Australians.

It’s why we recruit people who are naturally compassionate and train them to provide exceptional care.

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It’s why we recruit people who are naturally compassionate and train them to provide exceptional care.
Introducing the 3Rs

Being the Right Person for the role, while doing the Right Things with the Right Attitude.

Aged care is fundamentally about people caring for other people. The relationship is built on trust and the belief each person deserves to be treated with dignity and respect.

The 3Rs are an important part of how we deliver care and support. They are the centre of Amana Living’s culture and help staff to focus on what matters; being the right person for the job, doing the right thing by the residents and clients, and approaching tasks the right way.

The 3Rs

Our distinctive culture is summed up in our 3Rs; the Right People, doing the Right Things, the Right Way.

Our people are selected not only for their demonstrated ability in the workplace, but because their behaviours align with our five key culture statements.

Our distinctive culture is reflected in our policies and processes, including our new performance appraisal system iPerform. Staff who excel within our culture are recognised by our 3R Awards Program; a staff-oriented program, where you can nominate a peer for embodying Amana Living’s values.

All of this work ensures that Amana Living has a workforce both now and into the future that is engaged, motivated and supported in working to its fullest potential.

Our 3R culture is the foundation of Amana Living:

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We are proud to be part of Amana Living

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We always strive for excellence

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We work together to create great outcomes

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We value residents, clients and staff

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We act ethically and are accountable for our actions

Our Values of Compassion, Collaboration, Curiosity, Inclusion and Trust also help to guide our culture.

3R's Finalists

3R's Finalists for 2020

Each year, we compile the peer nominations for the 3R Awards and select nine people who truly encompass the 3Rs and our distinctive culture. 

Our 3R Finalist video will give you an insight into why each finalist was recognised and their amazing contributions to Amana Living. 

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